O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Module options

The OOEMC informs you as soon as a new module or update is available. The overview lists all integrated modules as well as non integrated modules and updates of modules, which are available for download. If you download a new module, it will be automatically installed after you the restart the OOEMC. Because of this dynamic loading of modules the OOEMC does not have to be installed anew when module updates become available.

Update the installation of the module

If you’re having problems with individual modules or are running a software update, you can take the installation file out of the installation folder and restore it to the database.

  1. Under Tools select Module options from the items in the menu.
  2. You can select the installation of each module register, e.g. of O&O Defrag, which you want to update.
  3. Afterwards, click on Select and add installation file.
  4. Then select the equivalent *.msi file in the dialogue. The old *.msi will then be replaced.