O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Step 7: Create new job

A job specifies various parameters for using an O&O product across a network. Jobs can be allocated to particular computers or sites.

The Job Assistant is responsible for running time-controlled functions of selected O&O programs.

You can use the various settings in the Job Assistant to specify the frequency of a job or program specific methods. These settings are designed identically for every O&O program. The differences can be seen in the individual settings, which you will find in the Job Assistant for each particular program (e.g., in O&O Defrag).

  1. To create a new job, open the Job Assistant by right-clicking on Jobs in the left navigation tree.
  2. Under Job-ID you can specify the name of the job. This name will later be used for creating reports and will provide information about the action the job runs. The name has only symbolic value and can also be used for other jobs.
  3. Then, click on all tabs (e.g. Schedule, General, O&O Defrag - Drives, O&O Defrag - Tuning) and there specify further settings.
  • If you click on Apply, all previously specified settings will be saved and the Job Assistant will remain open for further setting specification.
  • By clicking on OK you store all the settings. Afterwards, the Job Assistant will be closed.

Create schedule for new job
Under Schedule in the Job Assistant, you can specify if the job should be run only once or repeatedly (e.g., once a week).