O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Design of O&O Enterprise Management Console

The design of OOEMC is very clearly laid out and provides quick access to both the module and the program features.

Module directories and more sub directories are located in the left navigation zone of the O&O Enterprise Management Console:

  • Job monitor- displays all created Jobs.
  • Jobs calendar - displays all jobs in a calendar overview.
  • Status monitor- displays the Jobs processed by the control service and their status.
  • O&O module folder, e.g. O&O Defrag, O&O DiskImage or O&O DiskStat, include more sub folder
  • Jobs – includes a Job Assistant for planning the time-controlled running of a job on selected computers or sites.
  • Reports – the folder contains all status reports about the jobs.
  • Computer – includes all the computers you’ve added to a network in order to install an O&O program like O&O DiskImage.
  • Sites - includes all the sites you’ve added to a network in order to install a program like O&O DiskImage onto all the site’s computers.
  • Menu bar- includes more menus like folder, view, Tools and Help.
  • File - Using the File menu, you can create new jobs and add a new computer or site.
  • Under View you can customize the program interface and run updates.
  • Under Tools you can choose further options and module options. In addition, you have access to maintenance and repair options and database imagings.