O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Step 6: Add new computer

If the data for accessing the computer are entered, the computers should be added to the OOEMC. You can add an unlimited amount of computers to the OOEMC in the network, if your network includes an Active Directory (AD). You will find the appropriate functions by right-clicking. When doing so, please observe the terms of your license. In the menu list under Tools/Licensing you’ll be able to enter your license key. You could, for example, add up to 25 computers to the computer list if you have a 25-seat license.

  1. To integrate a new computer into OOEMC, right-click in each module folder on computer then on New computer.
  2. Enter either the computer name and the DNS name, or just the computer name, if the computer name is clear, and click readout computer information*. At that point, the DNS name will be automatically entered.
  3. Confirm your entries with OK. After that the computer will be added to the computer list.
  4. The OOEMC will now try to run an installation of the computers. You recognize this in the lower section of the OOEMC (transmission window). If you want, you can also click on the status monitor in the navigation tree.
  5. You will be informed on the success of your Job under Reports and in the computer view. For this select the desired computer and click on Reports. In addition, you can inform yourself on the current state of the job execution through the status monitor.
* Note:
When you click Readout computer information OOEMC attempts to contact your domain controller and to map the computer along with its organizational unit structure. While doing so, a connection will be made to the domain controller, and the DNS and full computer name will be read out.