O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
General communication model

Using O&O Enterprise Management Console (OOEMC), you’ll be able to allocate and manage jobs for O&O programs across a network from a central location. OOEMC itself doesn’t perform any managing functions but with it you can integrate network capable O&O programs, e.g., DiskImage, which are able to assume this function. The integrated O&O programs are called modules.

To put it simply, communication from your workstation computer to the network computer is carried out using your SQL Server and the Control Service. The Control Service communicates with the respective network computers (clients) on which jobs can be run (see the chart “General Communication Model”).

the chart shows only one possible application of OOEMC. The Control Service (CCS) can also be installed on a separate computer. Also, the graphical interface of the OOEMC can also be located on the Server, where the control service is located.