O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Enter license

In order to activate the O&O Enterprise Management Console after installation or at a later time, you must possess a valid license key. This license key is also called a registration code, serial number, or product ID.

The dialogue for registration always appears automatically at the start to guide you if you are using an unregistered version or have entered the registration code incorrectly.

The registration wizard allows for a simple registration process.

When you select the option I want to enter my license, a dialog box will appear where you can enter the registration code you received when purchasing the software.

  • If you have purchased the software as download, please enter the license information ("Name", "Company" and License key), just as they are written in the confirmation E-Mail you received.
  • If you have purchased the software as Box version, please enter the license key as it is written on the license card included. In addition, please enter your name and if needed your company.
  1. Please make sure that you do not confuse the digit “1” with “I” or enter any empty spaces where they don’t belong.
  2. Press Next to save the registration data or Cancel to leave the dialog window without saving the data.
  3. When you have correctly entered the license code you will receive a confirmation in the dialog window.

Should you run into any problems when entering your registration code, please contact our Support Team.