O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Display computer properties

Double clicking on a computer in the computer list opens the Properties dialogue. There you can:

Under general you can see the DNS name of the computer. In addition, you can specify, if the Agent or also the user interface should be installed on the computer.

You will also see the information (Version and computer type - Client or Server) of each corresponding operating system.

Computer status
Access the computer status to restart the computer, to continue with the installation, or finish it.
If a computer is not available whenever the jobs are distributed, e.g. because it is turned off, the control service of the OOEMC will try to contact it again and again after certain time intervals. The interval will become less frequent, the longer the computer cannot be reached. The function Reset status you can order the control service, to reach the computer whenever it is turned on again - and to wait for the next interval.

Shows the status of the installation of the Agents on the computer. Agents can be started or stopped individually.