O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Assign job to computer

Before you assign a job to a computer, you can perform a remote installation check. The check provides information about whether the remote installation needed for running a job is possible, or what can be preventing it. This function can be found by right-clicking the relevant computer.

Once you’ve created a job, you can select the computer on which the job should be run. After assigning a job to a computer, it will be run automatically on the computer.

  1. In the navigation tree on the left, click on the corresponding module folder on Job.
  2. Select the job in the upper right program window, which you want to assign to a computer.
  3. In the tab Computer, you can assign the selected job to one or more computers by clicking on Add. Multiple selection is possible with the help of the Ctrl key. Make sure that the activation check is placed behind the corresponding computers.
  4. The job will now be transferred over to the selected computer and run at the specified time.