O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 
Manage control service

The Control service distributes Jobs in the network and makes regular contact with the network computers for this.

You can change the settings for the control service under Tools/Options/Control service.

Retry-connection interval

The interval controller sees to it that the OOEMC Control Service tries to pass on jobs to target computers automatically and at regular intervals. If a computer is not in operation at the time a job needs to be run or during a remote installation, because, for example, it’s simply turned off, this will be noted in a report and the request will be repeated at certain intervals.

The lines stand for the number of transmission tries, also the first line stands for the first transmissions try, the second line for the second etc. the time window will increase after
each transmission try as default.
  1. To customize the performance interval of the OOEMC Control Service, under Tools/Options click Control service.
  2. In the program window under Change interval settings you can change and specify the default settings of the time intervals whenever the service shall contact the target computer.
  3. For this, select a line and depending on your needs click on Edit, Add or Remove.

Synchronization interval

The synchronization interval indicates in what time interval the control service retrieves reports and local tasks of individual the computers.

  • You can adapt the synchronization interval under Tools/Options/Control service/Service options.

Intelligent synchronization
The option intelligent synchronization adapts the synchronization interval automatically to the number of clients in the network. The contact frequency of computers influences the number of automatic synchronization. The more contact there is, the less it will be synchronized. This occurs to minimize data transfer volume.

Constant synchronization
If you wish for a regular synchronization, then you can set a permanent time interval under Constant synchronization.

SSL encryption

The SSL encryption guarantees that data will not be able to be read or manipulated during its transfer from computer to service.

  • You can enable SSL encryption in the menu under Tools/Options/Control Service.
If you use an SSL encryption, Port 50401 must also be opened on the target computer. If you’re using a firewall from another manufacturer, check with the respective program’s Help.

Pause service activities

Enable this function, if you want to pause the control service, so that no job is transferred or no computer is installed.