O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 5 

In order to work with O&O Enterprise Management Console (OOEMC) across a network, you’ll have to install all the components included in delivery and possess the respective O&O product licenses. Otherwise, you will have access to the test versions of the modules for up to 30 days.

You can either install the program by using the CD included in your package.

The installation contains the following components:
OOEMC - The graphical user interface can be installed on either your workstation computer or your server. Select Control service in the selection dialogue and then follow the installation dialogues.

OOEMC control service - The OOEMC control service may only be installed once. It should be installed preferably on a Server because it is designed to be continuously active. If installed on a workstation computer, jobs might not be allocated or remote installations performed.

SQL Server Express - can be installed optionally when no Microsoft SQL Server is available. We recommend installing the SQL Server Express on a server so that it can be contacted at any time by the Control Service and OOEMC.

If you are installing the Control Service on a computer without the graphical user interface, you will be prompted to enter the connection to the database when the installation is completed. This step is absolutely necessary in order for the Control Service to function correctly.

Migration to SQL Server 2014
You need to update your old database to an SQL Server 2014. This will be done automatically thanks to the O&O Enterprise Management Console. Older SQL Server versions will not be supported.

Using our Migration Assistant, migration to a new database can be done without any problem.

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