O&O DiskImage 16 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 16 
File backup

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Under File backup in the Program settings you can set specific settings for a backup.

Prefer external USB drive to store image files
If you enable this function, external USB drives will be the preferred target for storing images.

Under the option Check file backup automatically after its creation you can determine if image files should be checked for errors immediately after they are created.

By selecting Automatically overwrite existing image files, the prompt asking if you want to overwrite an existing older image file with the same name will be suppressed. This function is very useful when, for example, you're imaging data a number of times daily, and the image is automatically being named after the Day/Month/Year.

Under Behavior you can adapt the program user guidance individually. In the DropDown menu, you can select what will happen when you double-click a file or folder.