O&O DiskImage 16 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 16 
Restrictions of M.I.R.

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Under certain circumstances, it's possible that the restored or duplicated system does not start or is malfunctioning. The following constellations may lead to malfunctions:

  • No hard disk was selected as target, only part of a hard disk (partition/volume/empty area).
  • While creating the layout on the target, "delete layout" was not selected. This option makes it possible to create partitions/volumes on a different Offset.
  • You did not select a hard disk as source but rather individual partitions/volumes and are missing the partitions/volumes containing the needed boot information.
  • You are trying to boot from a hard disk connected to controllers that were not initialized by Windows at the time of booting, e.g. booting from a hard disk connected to the computer via a USB controller (not a USB stick).
If error messages appear during booting, you will get instructions on how to proceed in chapter Assistance when error messages occur during booting.
To make sure a restored system or clone is bootable, it's important to create an image of the entire system hard disk and then restore/clone it completely.