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O&O DiskImage 16 
Supported File Systems

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O&O DiskImage supports the following file systems: FAT, FAT32, NTFS and as of O&O DiskImage 12, exFAT as well.

With O&O DiskImage you can backup the used sectors of all file systems that it supports. Whenever a volume or partition is found with an unknown file system, O&O DiskImage will automatically create a forensic image, i.e., an image of all sectors. If you wish to make an image like this manually, you’ll need to switch from image all used sectors to forensic imaging in imagingoptions.
File System Explanation
exFAT Starting from O&O DiskImage 12, the exFAT-file system is supported. This was designed especially by Microsoft in regard to flash drives, and delivers better performance than FAT. It is also much better against structural damage to the file system and protected against data loss.
FAT FAT is the oldest data system, the roots of which go back to MS DOS. It is supported by Windows. O&O DiskImage can be used without any problem on FAT drives.
FAT32 FAT32 is the native file system of Windows 95b/98/Me. It offers some advantages compared to the older FAT. FAT32 drives are Windows- supported by default and can be defragmented without any problem using O&O DiskImage.
NTFS The NT file system was developed completely new for the Windows NT family. It offers the option of security restrictions on the file level, increases the security against data errors, and achieves higher performance.It is supported by Windows.