O&O SafeErase 10 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 10 
Settings for scope of analysis

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You can select, which file type should be considered in the analysis.

  • Check the box next to the file type you want to scan for. Files that have been stored on your PC by the internet browser will be searched for.

Scan for stored Internet files
Files are searched for, which have been stored by your Internet-Browser onto your computer. They might include Cookies, favorites, temporary files, passwords and form data.

Scan for Password and form files
The scan will filter for Internet files, form data and passwords, which have been stored via your Internet-Browser, e.g. the password for your Email account or access data to your online banking. This option is disabled as default.

Scan for temporary Windows and program files
The analysis also includes temporary created files. These are created most often by Windows and other programs to relieve the memory, e.g. during an installation created in a folder.

Scan free space for unsafe deleted files
Free space is scanned for files, which have been already deleted "normally". These files are not visible under Windows anymore; yet, they it may be possible to restore them using data rescue programs.

Only store 10000 files per drive in the report
Only 10000 files will be stored in a report per drive.

Settings for the analysis

Settings for the analysis