O&O SafeErase 10 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 10 
SafeErase data from Solid State Drives (SSDs)

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The frequent deletion and overwriting of files influences the life span of SSDs. It is not possible to run indefinite writing access on the memory cell of a SSD. O&O SafeErase offers you a gentle method, to permanently delete individual files, folders or partitions from the SSD. Files are deleted via a TRIM command. The data cannot be restored anymore.

O&O SafeErase recognizes SSDs automatically. The sequence and the control of the dialogs occurs analogously to the deletion of normal hard disks so that you need not apply more settings.

O&O SafeErase also displays the selection of deletion methods when deleting data from an SSD. Yet, the deletion method will not be considered during deletion (trimming). If the data you selected is located on a hard disk and an SSD, the selected deletion method will only be applied to the data on the hard disk.

If your SSD does not support the TRIM command, please consider the warning notices given by the program.

Technical limitations when SafeErasing Solid State Drives
SSD technology limits the options for SafeErasing in a number of certain situations.

In the following cases, O&O SafeErase will permanently delete data using the "Overwrite with zeroes" method instead of TRIM commands:

  • When deleting or moving very small files on NTFS drives. This generally affects MFT resident files.
  • When deleting free space from ClusterTips, MFT, and FAT entries.

If partitions or entire disks are deleted from SSDs (using TRIM), the deletion will sometimes first become visible after the computer is restarted. This depends on the SSD involved.