O&O SafeErase 10 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 10 
Start the analysis of your drives

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On the O&O SafeErase start page, you have the possibility to scan your entire computer for unsafely deleted and temporary files.

  1. Click on Start analysis, to begin the scan.
  2. You'll then see an overview of the number of files found.

Setup scope of analysis
You can select those file types that should not be considered in the analysis.

  1. To do this, click the icon Analysis settings or the link Passwords and form data included/excluded before you begin the analysis.
  2. You'll then see a list of the Scope of analysis.
  3. You can now place a check next to the file types you want to SafeErase individually.
  4. When you then start the analysis, only the selected file types will be considered during the scan.
1: View analysis options

1: View analysis options