O&O DiskImage 12 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 12 
Restore entire computer

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In order to restore your entire computer or system partition, you need to start O&O DiskImage from a bootable medium under Windows PE. Please proceed as described in chapter Start directly from bootable disk .

For the restoration of an image onto a computer with hardware different than the source computer, please consult the notes in chapter Machine independent restoration (M.I.R.).
  1. Start O&O DiskImage directly from the bootable medium.
  2. Select Drive restoration in the start page of O&O DiskImage.
  3. Click Select image in the form field or navigate to the storage location of the image in the browser button.
  4. Select the image containing the system partition i.e. all drives of your computer and click Open.
  5. All drives included in the image will be shown in the drive list.
  6. Check the drives you want to restore from the image. If you want to restore your entire computer, check all drives.
  7. Then select the target drive or disk that should be overwritten with data from the image.*
  8. Click the Start drive restoration symbol to start the restoration process.
  9. After restoration is successful, you can restart your computer.
Keep in mind when selecting the target drive that in Windows PE as of Windows Vista, drive letters are different: Drive C: (normaly containing the non-active operating system) will be assigned another letter (for example D).