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O&O DiskImage 12 
Machine independent restoration

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Until now, you were only able to restore a system partition onto a computer having hardware identical to the source computer. The same goes for the restoration of clones. The most frequent application scenarios have therefore been limited to the creation of images and restoration of these on the same computers

O&O DiskImage now offers you the option of restoring an image, even the system partition, onto a computer with different hardware using the M.I.R. function(Machine Independent Restoration). You can also clone a computer with different hardware.

Enable M.I.R. if you've made changes to the hardware after imaging and these changes affect the functionality of the Windows operating system being started. M.I.R. is also necessary if you want to transfer an already existing computer configuration onto a new computer.

M.I.R. can therefore be used or enabled in the following cases:

  • Restoration of an image onto a computer with different hardware or cloning/duplication of a computer.
  • With the help of a bootable disk, M.I.R. can be used for exchanging damaged or malfunctioning drivers of an existing system.
  • Migration of physical computers onto virtual machines or virtual machines on physical computers.
When duplicating a source system, i.e. duplicating installed Microsoft Windows operating system versions and programs, we recommend changing the computer name and SID to avoid future problems when using the configured computer within the network.
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