O&O DiskRecovery 9 Product manual

O&O DiskRecovery 9 
Leaving out file system with O&O RawScan

With the option O&O RawScan you can restore files from partitions, which have been formatted before. If a partition on which you would like to restore deleted data with a new file system (e.g. FAT and now NTFS), then you can direct O&O DiskRecovery with this option to not consider this file system. This enables the recovery of data on a system-wide level and therefore offers the more precise possibility for data recovery.

  • You activate/deactivate this option in the dialogue Selection of search technique/Adapt settings/General . This option is set by default.

This option is only available, if you run a search through a partition. If you have selected a device (hard disk, USB-Stick etc.) , you don't have the option O&O RawScan available.