O&O DiskRecovery 9 Product manual

O&O DiskRecovery 9 
Overview of important functions

Besides the continuous maintenance and enhancement of the existing program components, you will find several additional new and helpful features in Version . Two additionally integrated search algorithms, known from our highly acclaimed test winner O&O UnErase and O&O FormatRecovery, enable you to search for lost data in more detail with O&O DiskRecovery. The list of supported files was also enhanced so that more than 350 file types and about 300 file enhancements can be processed. The advanced data rescue assistant guides you intuitively through the search and restoration process. If you have lost data before installing O&O DiskRecovery, then the simple Instant-Installation will help you with the data rescue.

  • Three integrated search processes:
    • Fast search for files even on large hard disks (O&O UnErase)
    • Sector based DeepScan (O&O DiskRecovery)
    • Searches for formatted or structurally damaged partitions (O&O FormatRecovery)
  • Enhanced file type recognition; more then 350 file types and about 300 different file extensions from all current media application can be processed.
  • The program can now be started from removable drives (instant installation)
  • Advanced Wizard to search and restore
  • Deep search for files on destroyed partitions and disks
  • Preview for some file types before the data restoration
  • Disks will also be rescued, where file types have been damaged or destroyed by software
  • Searches and restores especially small files (O&O-DeepScan-function)
  • No unnecessary restoration of existing files. Thanks to the O&O-SmartScan function existing files are filtered and thus accelerates the search and restore process.
  • The activation of the O&O-RawScan function can ignore the file system and thus also rescue formatted disks.
  • Supports all hard disks, changeable drives (e.g. ZIP) a memory cards as well as USB sticks, CompactFlash and most of the digital cameras
  • Supported by 64-Bit