O&O DiskRecovery 9 Product manual

O&O DiskRecovery 9 
Filter for file types

It is possible to determine which types of files O&O DiskRecovery will scan for. By default all data types are considered. After the scan has been completed you will be able to select which files are to be restored. Because of this you may want to just leave the file type settings as they are. Clicking Next will initiate the data scan.

File Types
In the file type dialog box you can define which file type will be considered in the scan and will not. With the Filter you can customize the display to only show specific file type groups. To do this, just adjust the column headings to meet your sorting needs.

Please note that you must select at least one file type to continue with the scan.

Load and Save
In order to secure a specific group of file types for future scans, simply save this particular scheme. Later you can use the load function to change or use it again.

Selecting File Types
O&O DiskRecovery scans for all highlighted file types. All unselected file types are hidden. Normally, though, you can select all file types to be considered for the scan and filter those you do not want to recover after the scan result have been compiled.


File Types and Options

File Types and Options