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O&O SafeErase 12 
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Compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Browser
O&O Software guarantees that its top products will function under Windows 10

Shut down after deletion is complete
O&O SafeErase now offers you the option to shut down the computer automatically once a deletion has completed.

Analyzes your entire computer for data which hasn't been SafeErased yet
A special algorithm scans the computer for files, which have been SafeErased, have been created temporarily or have been stored in your Internet Browser. After the analysis you will get a detailed list of files, which haven't been SafeErased and pose a risk for your private sphere. Based on the graphical status display you will see the potential risk which an unsafe deletion of data may pose. A few clicks allow you to clean up your computer, so that no temporary and assumed deleted files can be restored.

SafeErase data of Solid State Drives (SSDs)
The frequent deletion and overwriting of files influences the life span of SSDs. It is not possible to run indefinite writing access on the memory cell of a SSD. O&O SafeErase offers a sensitive method to delete files irrevocably from SSDs. The data on a SSD is deleted via TRIM commands. The data cannot be restored anymore.

Enhanced report management
The enhanced report management allows you to manage reports individually. If you want to SafeErase your entire computer, you can specify an external storage medium to save the deletion log. Otherwise, the report would also be deleted.

Adapted user interface
The user O&O SafeErase interface was simplified and leads to a more intuitive deletion.

Enhanced command processing
In addition to the already known commands for O&O SafeErase via the command line, new and helpful functions have been added.

Three Editions: Professional, Workstation and Server Edition
Along with the Professional Edition that’s ideal for home use, we’re now offering the new Workstation and Server Editions that are optimized for operation in company’s of any size.

A special feature of the O&O SafeErase Workstation and Server Editions is their ability to simultaneously delete free space and partitions on different physical disks. This varies from the Professional Edition, where deletion is performed successively. Using simultaneous deletion can save considerable time, especially when working with large data volumes.

SafeErase files and folders
Windows doesn't delete data correctly. Even formatting your hard disk is not enough to permanently delete your data. You don't have access to it right away, but unauthorized access is still possible using special reconstructing software. O&O SafeErase deletes your data using processes which are recommended by the US Department of Defense or the Federal Office for Information Security of Germany.

SafeErase hard disks and partitions
O&O SafeErase not only facilitates the permanent deletion of individual files and folders, but also entire partitions and hard disks. All information regarding the drives and saved on the drives will be SafeErased. The drives will later be shown as empty spaces on the hard disk.

SafeErase free disk space
If you don't want to SafeErase all data on a drive you can apply the function "SafeErase free space". All of your visible data on a drive will remain intact and only the "free areas" will be overwritten several times by O&O SafeErase so that the data cannot be restored ever again.

You can SafeErase the free space in each selected drive.

SafeErasing the entire computer
The function SafeErase entire computer enables you to delete an entire computer, without having to create a start medium (e.g. disks or CD-Rs). All data, settings, programs, etc. will be permanently deleted - a restoration will be impossible.

Deleting your entire computer enables you to SafeErase your data when you sell, give away, or throw away your computer. You can rest assured that nobody will be able to restore and abuse your data.

Use O&O SafeErase via right-clicking
O&O SafeErase integrates itself into your Windows Explorer. You can access O&O SafeErase via right-clicking.

Method of deletion
You can use the procedure to delete selected files based on their importance and the time required by six different methods. Each method offers another security level.

Securely move files and folders
While securely moving the source file to another folder, it will be SafeErased in its original location.

SafeErase data from the Windows Recycle Bin
Besides permanently deleting files and folders, O&O SafeErase also deletes the contents of the Windows Recycle Bin. This comes in handy, because normally all files, which you usually do not need anymore, are collected there.

Start from the command line
Allows for the automation of repeating activities.

Manage individual deletion lists
With the help of deletion lists it is possible to save activities e.g. permanently deleting free space of one or more drives and run these activities at the next start of O&O SafeErase.

SafeErase temporary Windows and program files
Temporary files are files created with a limited life span. These are created most often by Windows and other programs to relieve the memory, e.g. during an installation created in a folder. Sometimes these files will not be deleted automatically though.

Even if you SafeErase individual files, some of that information still exists as a temporary file - a restoration cannot be excluded. Normally, these temporary files are automatically deleted after having been used. Yet, even those deleted temporary files can be restored. To make sure that these temporary files do not cause any damage we recommend removing them with O&O SafeErase.

With just a few clicks you can command O&O SafeErase to SafeErase all temporary Windows and program files. You are also able to select which specific temporary file to delete.

SafeErase temporary Internet files
O&O SafeErase enables you to also SafeErase sensitive Internet data. Various Internet Browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome will be displayed automatically. The user can select which type of Internet files, e.g. Cookies, browser history or form data should be deleted.

As evidence for the deletion process you will have detailed reports available.

Supports multi core processors
Multi core processors are recognized and supported by O&O SafeErase.