O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 

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Under Tools/Options/Miscellaneous you will find further settings possibilities.

Automatic update of views

Here you can specify the settings for the user interface. Please specify here, in what time intervals the views such as the computer view or the Job view should be updated automatically. Higher time intervals lead to a performance increase of the graphical surface. The views are updated every 30 seconds by default.

Hide synchronization of computers

If you want to hide the synchronization of computers in the transmissions overview, enable this function.

Load data from the Internet

Here you can enter, if you want to load the product start page from the Internet at all times. By loading the start page from the Internet, you will be up to date on the latest news and notes for the day to day work with the product.

Advanced Options in the queue

Here you can specify whether you want to enable advanced options for activities in the queue.

Set advanced permissions for the uninstallation:
If you have removed computers from the OOEMC, which cannot be reached in your network anymore; the OOEMC will try to uninstall them. However, since these computers are no longer available, this will fail. The OOEMC will attempt the uninstallation in the specified interval periods yet remain unsuccessful, and these items remain in the queue. If this option is enabled, you ca remove the elements "Uninstallation" from the queue and thus "clean it up".