O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 
O&O Defrag remote control

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This function is only available in O&O Defrag!
Please bear in mind that for this function Port 50300 is open in the Windows-Firewall of the target computer. Otherwise it is not possible to exchange O&O Defrag relevant data between computers. If you’re using a firewall from another manufacturer, check with the respective program’s Help.

You can control O&O Defrag on a network server using the user interface over a remote control connection.

To do this, O&O Defrag must already be installed on the target computer. The installation can be performed manually or occurs automatically, when you add the computer to the O&O-Defrag computer list. The message on the success of the remote installation can be read in the corresponding report.

  • To activate the remote operation, you have to select the computer that you want to connect to from the list.
  • Right-click on O&O Defrag/O&O Defrag Remote Control of the corresponding computer. You can then control O&O Defrag on the target computer via the user interface.