O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 Product manual

O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 
Step 4: Setting up computer permissions/remote installation

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From your own workstation, you can conveniently install O&O programs remotely on any number of computers across a network.

To execute a remote installation on the Clients, you must still enter the name of the user whose account is being used for remote installation.

If you have your own solution to distribute the software package or want to continue with the installation manually, please disable the function Remote installation/run remote installation.

In this case, the OOEMC will not allow changes in the software of the Clients.

Make sure you have the required administrator permissions on the target computer! Otherwise the remote installation will fail.
  • To do this, under Tools/Options click Computer permissions and enter the user account for the computer permissions in the format DomainUser name.
If the target computer has an active Windows Firewall, you have to open the Port ranges “File and Printer Sharing” (TCP 139, TCP 445, UDP 137, UDP 138) and „WMI“ (TCP/135) for remote installation. You can read more about this in the chapter “Preparing the target computer.” If you’re using a firewall from another manufacturer, consult the program’s own Help site.