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O&O Enterprise Management Console 6 
Map network drive

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This chapter is only relevant when planning jobs with O&O DiskImage.

To run O&O DiskImage jobs successfully in the network, you must make sure to hold sufficient permissions to access network drives. You need the permissions to authorize storing images on network drives. You only have to authenticate yourself within the network. Enter the following settings under Tools/Module options/O&O DiskImage:

  • Click on Add authentication data.
  • Enter a password of your choice and confirm your entry. The entered number combination encrypts the network drive sharing. The entry as such will also be encrypted. The key for this password is composed of a public key and a private key, so that the password file will only be opened and read by you or O&O┬áDiskImage.
  • Under Computer/Folder enter the path under which the image is to be saved, or from where it is supposed to be loaded from: \Computer nameFolder name or Domain nameFolder nameUser name. Alternatively, you can also enter the computer name only, if all the sharing options can be opened by the selected user.
  • You have to enter a qualified name of a user account while entering the user name. For example, the corresponding domain for the specific domain account has to be entered and covered, e.g. domainuser1 or User1@domain.
  • Enter the network password of the user, or of his user account. Please keep in mind that the user under which you login has to hold access rights for the target or original folder.
  • Afterwards, your entries will be displayed in the computer and folder list under Network authentication. Of course, it is possible to add several network drives.
  • If you create a job afterwards, you can specify the network drives under target file in the job dialogue, for which you have authenticated yourself. The image will automatically be stored there.