O&O DiskImage 14 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 14 
Burn image file(s) on CD/DVD/Blu-ray

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To save your image to CD/DVD/Blu-ray, you need to first create an image and save it on an internal or external drive*. Only then will it be possible to burn your image files (*.omg) or your virtual hard disk (*.vhd) to CD/DVD. It is not possible to store an image or a virtual drive directly, i.e. without buffering it, on CD/DVD/Blu-ray.

Before starting the burn process, make sure that you have inserted an empty disk in the optical drive.

  1. Under Tools click Burn imaging file(s).
  2. Select the job Burn image file(s) in the O&O DiskImage Writer.
  3. Select your image file with Add. Depending on the size of the image file you can select one or more files.
  4. Then, click Next and follow the instructions in the dialog. Please also pay attention to the notices that appear.
  5. If one disk is not enough to hold your entire image, you can burn your image files one after another.
*Note for the creation of images:
After selecting your drives for imaging, limit the image files to the size of your blank CD/DVD/Blu-ray underDrive imaging/Imaging options/Image file/File size. The image file will then be divided into several parts during the imaging process. The splitting of the image file at a later time is also possible, (See “Converting image file”).
When renaming individual parts of the image, it is recommended to keep the "number portion" of the file name (the number in parentheses) so that you can trace the order of the files and avoid problems when restoring the images at a later time.
In addition to CD/DVDs, the program also supports Blu-ray Disks.