O&O DiskImage 14 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 14 
Drive imaging

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Under Drive imaging in the Program settings you can set specific settings for imaging.

Prefer external USB drive to store image files
If you enable this function, external USB drives will be preferred as the target drives for storing images.

Under the option Automatically check image file for errors after creation you can specify whether image files should be checked for errors immediately after they are created.

When you enable Overwrite existing image files, the prompting for overwriting image files with the same name will be suppressed during the creation of new images. This function is very useful when, for example, you're imaging data a number of times daily, and the image is automatically being named after the Day/Month/Year.

Under Behavior you can hide or un-hide drives that cannot be imaged by default in the user interface. Drives that cannot be imaged are for example: empty card reader or disk drives, the "Microsoft reserved partition" in GPT drives, OEM-BIOS-partitions in DELL and IBM or the system area in basic disks.