O&O DiskImage 14 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 14 
Regulate the size of a file backup

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A file backup can be split into multiple backup files. If one disk is not enough for storing a complete backup, you will automatically be asked to indicate a different storage location. It is also possible to manually set the maximum size of an file before. If the image being created is larger than the entered file size, additional image files will be created.

This function is especially useful when you plan to burn your image onto a CD/DVD at a later time. Sometimes a CD/DVD is not large enough to contain the entire image file. We recommend limiting image files to the size of the blank CD/DVD onto which you will be writing your images.

The image file can also be split at a later time using the Convert image file function. It is, however, recommended to split images at the time they are created to avoid any confusion that may arise.

  • Under File operation/File backup options/File size/Split image into smaller image files with fixed sizes you can specify the size of individual image files.