O&O DiskImage 14 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 14 
Imaging method for file backup

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Under File operation/File backup options/File backup /File backup method you can specify which method should be preset for every file backup.

The options are:

  • Complete
  • Image of the changes

For normal use, we recommend the Complete method which is already set by default.

If you've already made one or more back ups of a folder or individual files, you can select the method Image of the changes. Only changes made since the last base image will be saved.

When creating an image of the changes, O&O DiskImage compares the data of the existing image with corresponding data from the current folder. That's why this backup method might require more time than the creation of a complete image. On the other hand, an image of the changes normally requires much less disk space than a complete image.