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O&O SafeErase 11 

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First, navigate in the command line (cmd) to the installation folder of O&O SafeErase. You will then be able to use the parameters listed in the chart.

The parameters in angle brackets </> are optional and do not have to be entered. A security prompt appears before deletion, which you can confirm automatically with the command /y .

Below you will find a description of the parameters for O&O SafeErase.



[--showdisks] Show disk drive information
oosecmd.exe --showdisks
[--deletedrive <disk number>] SafeErase disk
The O&O SafeErase Server and Workstation Editions allow you to delete multiple disks using one command.
oosecmd.exe --deletedrive 1
Only in Workstation and Server Editions:
oosecmd.exe --deletedrive 1 deletedrive 2
[--deletevolume <drive letter>] SafeErase drive The O&O SafeErase Server and Workstation Editions allow you to delete multiple drives using one command.
oosecmd.exe --deletevolume d:
Only in Workstation and Server Editions: Oosecmd.exe --deletevolume d: deletevolume e:
[--freespace <Drive letter>] SafeErase free space of a drive. The O&O SafeErase Server and Workstation Editions allow you to delete free space on multiple drives using one command.
oosecmd.exe --freespace g:
Only in Workstation and Server Editions:oosecmd.exe --freespace g: freespace f:
[--analyse < internetfiles|windowsfiles| deletedfiles| all>] Scan computer for potentially security relevant or unsafe deleted files. (Default: All file types are scanned and counted)
internetfiles: Only temporary Internet files are scanned and counted.
windowsfiles: Only temporary Windows files are scanned and counted.
deletedfiles: Only unsafe deleted files will be scanned and counted.
all: All three file types are scanned and counted.
oosecmd.exe --analyze deletedfiles
[--autoclean <internetfiles| windowsfiles| deletedfiles| all>] SafeErase files found by analysis. (Default: All found file types will be permanently deleted)
oosecmd.exe --autoclean windowsfiles
[--internetfiles <cookies| favorites| temporary | history| formdata| typedurls| all>] SafeErase temporary Internet files. (Default: All Internet files that are found will be deleted)
cookies: deletes only cookies.
favorites: deletes only set favorites.
temporary: Deletes only temporary Internet files.
history: Deletes only browsing history.
formdata: Deletes only form data saved in the browser such as username/password.
typedurls: Deletes only entered Internet addresses.
all: Deletes all Internet files that are found
oosecmd.exe --internetfiles cookies --internetfiles history
[--tempfiles <recent | temporary | thumbnails | recyclebin| memorydumps | checkdisk | ftp | all>] Delete temporary Windows and program files (Default: All file types that are found will be SafeErased)
recent: Permanently deletes temporary files from programs.
temporary files: Deletes files in the Windows TEMP folder.
thumbnails: Permanently deletes the picture preview from the cache.
recyclebin: Deletes content from the Windows Recycle Bin.
memorydumps: Deletes DMP files.
checkdisk: Delets files that were saved by CheckDisk (CHK).
ftp: Deletes saved login data from an FTP server.
all: Deletes all temporary file types that are found.
oosecmd.exe --tempfiles recyclebin
[--totalerase <internal | all>] Deletes the entire computer. (Default: All internal drives will be deleted)
internal: Only internal drives will be deleted.
all: All connected drives, including external ones, will be deleted.
oosecmd.exe --totalerase internal
[--security <highest| high| medium| low| lowest| zero>] Optional: Set the used security level:
highest: Highest security level
high: High security level
medium: Medium security level
low: low security level
lowest: Lowest security level
zero: Overwrite with zeros
oosecmd.exe --deletevolume d: --security zero
[--register <user:user name company:company Serial: Serial number>] Register product
oosecmd.exe --register „user:max company:any company serial:xxx...“
Important: Please use quotation marks with the registration data, otherwise the registration will fail!
[--report name <file name>] Specify path and name of the report.
oosecmd.exe --reportname d:test.html
[--createreport] or [-r] A report is created for every activity performed by O&O SafeErase.
oosecmd.exe --create report / Oosecmd.exe -r --report name d:test.html
[--match <files| folders| all>] Delete files and folders that match the file filter
oosecmd.exe –match files c:test*.*
Deletes only files in folder c:test
[-y] or [--yes] Optional parameter: Answer all security prompts automatically with "Yes".
oosecmd.exe --tempfiles all -y
[-s] or [--silent] No display
[-v] or [--version] Information on the program version
oosecmd.exe --version
[-h] Shows all available commands and their explanation.
Example: oosecmd.exe -h
<Files and/or folders> List of files and folders to be permanently deleted.
oosecmd.exe c:test*.* c:test2pic.jpg d:wordworddocument.doc
Please note that when entering the parameter in the command line, no manual line break may be included in the command sequence. Otherwise, the command will not be executed as intended. The line breaks in the examples are caused by the document's formatting.