O&O SafeErase 11 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 11 
Change other settings

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Under Other in the settings dialog you can change the way SafeErase operates.

Close automatically
If you enable this function, then O&O SafeErase will be closed once it finished with the deletion, if activated by right-clicking). If on the other hand enabled via the user interface, O&O SafeErase will return to the start page after the deletion. Please bear in mind that you can only enable this function, if the function Save reports automatically is enabled in the settings dialog, since the reports will not be saved otherwise.

Minimize in tray
If this function is enabled, then O&O SafeErase will be displayed in the Tasktray when next minimized.

Storage location for reports
Here you can enter the target path, where the deletion reports for O&O SafeErase should be saved. If you want to delete the entire computer make sure that the storage location of the report is located on an external drive. Otherwise the report cannot be saved and will be deleted as well.

To apply the settings, confirm the dialog with OK.