O&O RegEdit Product manual

O&O RegEdit 
Manage Permissions

Assign Permissions for Registration Keys

Open the O&O RegEdit.

1. Select a key for which you would like to assign permissions.

2. In the File Menu click on Edit/Permissions

3. Under Group or user names click on the selected user. Assign an access level to the selected key in the following manner:

· To allow the user to open, edit and take ownership of a selected key, after Full Control, enable the check box Allow.

· To allow the user to read the contents of a key but not to edit or save it, after Read Key, enable the check box Allow.

· To give the user special privileges for a selected key, click on Advanced.

If you assign someone subkey permissions and permissions for a main key should also be applicable to this subkey, enable the check box Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects. Apply this with the entries defined here.