O&O RegEdit Product manual

O&O RegEdit 
Important information regarding O&O RegEdit

The correct functioning of Windows systems relies strongly on information saved in the registry database. Incorrect information in this database can cause the total crash of a Windows system.

The main keys are displayed here:






Before changes can be made it is recommended that an Export (REG file) of the relevant key is made so that in any later import the changes can be made retrospectively. The exported REG files are compatible with the Windows REG files.

A special feature of O&O RegEdit is the direct navigation over the address line.

RegEdit also allows for the editing, adding or deleting of keys and values. All data types recognized by Windows can be processed:

REG_SZ: String REG_DWORD: DWORD numerical value, 32 Bit long REG_MULTI_SZ: Several Strings REG_EXPAND_SZ: Expandable strings (environment variables are replaced) REG_BINARY: Binary values REG_QWORD: QWORD numerical value, 64-Bit long.

When changing values, various entry formats can be used. Figures can be entered in hexadecimal, decimal or binary formats.