O&O MediaRecovery 12 Product manual

O&O MediaRecovery 12 

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If you have already lost this file by accident, before having installed O&O MediaRecovery, then follow the instructions in chapter Execute the Instant-Installation. To execute the Instant-Installation correctly, you will need a second computer and a portable disk or a network connection from which you can access the target computer.

Installing O&O MediaRecovery is very easy. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Starten Sie den Rechner, auf dem Sie O&O MediaRecovery installieren möchten.
  2. Sign in as an administrator or equivalent.
  3. Start the installation file of O&O MediaRecovery, which you have either downloaded from our Webserver or is located on your CD-ROM.
  4. After the setup program has been successfully initialized, please follow the installation dialogue.
  5. Also, you can decide if you want to grant access to O&O MediaRecovery the current or all users.
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