O&O MediaRecovery 12 Product manual

O&O MediaRecovery 12 
Important information regarding data restoration

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If you would like to restore mistakenly deleted files, you should try to avoid, as much as possible, writing to the affected disk.

O&O Media Recovery is able to restore data, in which the directory structure and the information is already deleted or have been overwritten. This can happen when a partition is formatted or new files are created. O&O MediaRecovery can search out files and restore them as valid files thanks to special processes.

Unfortunately, not all files can be recovered without error. So wird beispielsweise die Wiederherstellung durch eine starke Fragmentierung der Dateien erschwert. In such a case, the regular use of a defragmentation tool such as O&O Defrag can not only help you avoid this problem, but also can strongly contribute to the improved performance of your system. Advice: Don't defragment your disk after your data got lost.

Please note, however, that it may not be possible to restore all deleted data If the areas, where the deleted data was located has already been overwritten, it is not possible to restore them with O&O MediaRecovery. If some areas have been partly overwritten, some files may be incomplete possibly leading to errors.

Should you have further questions, you can always contact our technical support team. Please note that we can only provide this support for registered users of the software according to their individual license agreements. However, in conjunction with our subsidiary, the support staff of O&O Services GmbH would be more than happy to offer you fee-based assistance in rescuing your lost data.

Please do not delete any data for fun or for test purposes without first making a backup copy using e.g. O&O DiskImage. We strongly recommend that you regularly make back up copies of your important data and store them in a safe place.