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O&O FileBackup 
About O&O FileBackup

Welcome to O&O Software. We are pleased that you have chosen O&O FileBackup.

O&O FileBackup

O&O FileBackup

O&O FileBackup enables you to backup your data quickly and easily. Choose the directories you want to back up yourself. Or let O&O FileBackup automatically search for important data. It also gives you the option of backing up just photos, videos, music, and Office documents, so you have a copy of your digital treasures - because no hard drive and no SSD lasts forever!

Using O&O FileBackup is extremely easy: you are guided step by step through the backup process. And the integrated assistant also helps you with the restoration of your backups.

Create backup files of your files and folders on a regular basis and you’ll be fully protected against data loss!

We hope you enjoy our product and that it saves you valuable time, both at work and at home!

Yours O&O Software

You must belong to a local administrator group or possess comparable permissions in order to install, manage, or register O&O AutoBackup. If you are a domain administrator, you should normally already possess these permissions.
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