O&O DiskRecovery 14 Product manual

O&O DiskRecovery 14 
Starting O&O DiskRecovery Without Prior Installation

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If, during an emergency, O&O DiskRecovery is not yet installed on your computer, you still have the possibility of executing an Instant-Installation. The Instant-Installation is not system bound. In combination with portable disks the possibility exists to start O&O DiskRecovery on that "instant" on a second computer and to select a removable disks (USB-Stick, external hard disk) as target folder for the "Instant-Installation". You can connect the disks afterwards to the actual computer, where data needs to be saved and start O&O DiskRecovery from there. You will completely avoid the installation on your target computer, which possibly might overwrite important data areas of the hard disk, and would thus make data rescue efforts very difficult or even impossible.

To execute the Instant-Installation correctly, you will need a second computer and a portable disk or a network connection from which you can access the target computer.

If you execute the Instant-Installation on the same computer from which you want to rescue data, you should bear in mind that starting the installation might overwrite important data areas. We therefore recommend to use a second computer and a portable disk for the Instant-Installation.

Should you have already fully installed O&O DiskRecovery on a computer, then you cannot carry out an Instant Installation on this machine. As a result, the Instant Installation pop-up window will not appear.

Run Instant-Installation

Run Instant-Installation, if you have already lost data involuntarily and have not installed O&O DiskRecovery on your computer yet.

To run the Instant-Installation correctly, you will need a second computer and a portable disk or a network connection from which you can access the target computer.

  1. Place the O&O-DiskRecovery-CD in the CD/DVD drive of the second computer or download the installation file from our web server.
  2. If you want to use a portable disk (instead of a network connection) for the installation, connect it to the second computer before starting the installation.
  3. Start the installation file (*.exe) and select Instant-Installation in the dialogue.
  4. Set the portable disk as target and follow the dialogue prompts to finish the installation.
  5. after a successful installation, connect the portable disk to the target computer where you want to rescue data.
  6. Start O&O Instant DiskRecovery from there and enter the license code when asked, which you have received upon purchase of the software.
  7. Execute the data rescue as described in chapter Getting started.

License to Use O&O InstantDiskRecovery

With the purchase of the license for O&O DiskRecovery you have also acquired a license for the Instant-Installation. It basically is the "emergency version" of O&O DiskRecovery, which you can use on a different computer, then on the one where O&O DiskRecovery is installed.

Because a single license may only be used on one computer, you will be required to do the following:

  1. Open O&O DiskRecovery from the emergency disk on the computer on which you would like to restore one or more deleted file(s).
  2. Enter the license code for O&O DiskRecovery. This license now exclusively belongs to this computer!

Once the data restoration has completed, you now can install the full version of O&O DiskRecovery onto this computer. Please note that such an use of this software is not allowed and is against the license agreement. If you would like to use O&O DiskRecovery on multiple computers, it is possible to purchase a multi-user license. Our Sales team would be more than happy to assist with this free of charge and obligation.