O&O DiskImage 7 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 7 

The O&O DiskImage Tray icon is displayed by default in the info area of the task tray following successful installation of O&O DiskImage. The tray icon will indicate whether O&O DiskImage is currently enabled. The icon will be animated while an action is being processed, otherwise, the tray icon will remain still.

Right-clicking the tray icon will show you various control options for O&O DiskImage. You'll be able to open the O&O DiskImage program interface, cancel a running action, hide the tray icon, or suspend the animation.

If you don't have administrator rights for this computer, you will not be able to start DiskImage. It will not be possible to click.

In addition, you'll be able to hide or show the progress of a job or changes in the service.

Our suggestion: If you'd like to have the tray icon permanently disabled (hidden), do so using the menu Start/All programs/O&O Software/O&O DiskImage/O&O DiskImage Tray. The same path can be used for reversing the process whenever you want the icon to be shown.

O&O DiskImage: TrayIcons

O&O DiskImage: TrayIcons