O&O DiskImage 7 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 7 
New functions

In addition to the great care we take in perfecting existing program functions, you'll find several additional new and helpful features in Version .

Create Boot Media

With the new version of O&O DiskImage it is now possible from Windows 7 on to create a boot disk from within the program itself.

Monitoring your drives

In the control center of O&O DiskImage you get an overview of the security status of your drives. If you have not created an image before, you will receive a security warning. This is also valid for drives whose last image was created more then 10 days ago. In just a few steps, you can easily create images of your system's drives. Doing so will protect you against data loss at all times.

File backup

O&O DiskImage makes it possible to backup and restore single files and folders. O&O DiskImage creates an image file (*.obk) of the selected folders and files during a file backup. If you need the files and folders from the image, you can use or unpack the image file with the help of O&O DiskImage or a decompression program, such as WinZip. You don't necessarily need O&O DiskImage to unpack the OBK file. Compared to a drive image, the file backup does not store the drive information. The advantage of a regular "Backup " of your files is that the backup takes up much less time. In addition, you can create a job to schedule regular backups. Regular backups ensure that your file backups are constantly updated and thus secure.

Better user guidance

O&O DiskImage is always adapted to meet current user habits. In the latest version, the control center will warn you of potential data loss resulting from a drive's never having been imaged or the image is too old. The Quick access bar contains frequently used functions. You will easily be able to reach all important functions from there, e.g. drive image and restoration. You can use advanced functions via the menu bar of O&O DiskImage.

Mount files from ISO file

You have the option of mounting an ISO file as drive. The ISO file will be treated as a separate drive. You can see and use the contents of the ISO file in the Windows Explorer. This is helpful if you are downloading an ISO file for a program installation. Instead of burning the ISO file on CD to run the installation, you can now mount the ISO file as a drive with O&O DiskImage, and start the setup and installation.

Bootable medium based on Windows Server 2008 R2

The bootable medium is based on the latest Windows technology.All necessary Windows drivers are included so that a manual installation is not required. If additional drivers are needed for certain devices, you can easily download them using the integrated O&O DriverLoader before the program starts.