O&O DiskImage 9 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 9 
Create boot medium

You can also run O&O DiskImage without installation directly from a bootable medium. The boot medium is based on Windows PE and can be used for, among other things, restoring your entire computer or the system partition provided you have created a corresponding image.

The “Create bootable disk” option can be found under Tools when you open the program.

Although we strongly recommend the option under Tools, some users may still prefer O&O BuildPE for creating a boot CD or USB-stick. Once you have the special O&O BuildPE link, you’ll need
a blank disk (CD-R, DVD, Blu-ray Disc or USB-Stick) and the needed hardware (burner for CD-R/DVD or Blu-ray).

You can learn more about creating a bootable medium with O&O BuildPE by visiting our website: http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/support/faq/oobuildpe/

If you're unsure, just contact our Support. We'll be happy to help you further. Remember to keep your license information handy: support@oo-software.com.