O&O Defrag 17 Product manual

O&O Defrag 17 
Work within the network

Note:This feature is only valid for O&O Defrag Server Edition and O&O Defrag Professional Edition.

The network function serves to control O&O Defrag from another computer in the network. You can establish a connection to a desired computer and on it, you can remotely execute all the same program functions you have on your local O&O Defrag.

For this feature to work, O&O Defrag has to be already installed on the target computer. You also have to open port 50300 of your firewall of the target system. Please consult the manual of your firewall for further information.

  • Access the network connection dialogue over the Ribbon Bar with Connect to computer.
  • Now you will be able to connect to a remote computer.

By default, you can only remote control O&O Defrag on computers where your user account is member of the Local Administrators group.If you would like to grant all users from the same network unrestricted remote access to O&O Defrag, please activate the option Enable remote administration from same networkin the "O&O Defrag Settings".

Work within the network

Note: You will be able to benefit from comprehensive network functionality by working with O&O Enterprise Management Console. Further information is available in the chapter "Additional properties of the Server and Workstation Edition" or simply contact us.

Connect O&O Defrag to network computer

Connect O&O Defrag to network computer

Firewall settings

To build a remote network with another computer, you have to make the following changes to your firewall settings:

Hint: you can find the settings for the Windows Firewall on your computer under: Start/Control Panel/Security Center/Windows Firewall/Change settings/Exceptions.

  • Create a new port.
  • Enter the number 50300 and name the port O&O Defrag.
Use O&O Defrag in a Network: Edit port

Edit port

  • Confirm the changes.
  • Place a check next to O&O Defrag in the list.

More information on the firewall settings concerning O&O Defrag can be found under "hints and frequent questions".

Firewall settings for O&O Defrag

Firewall settings for O&O Defrag