O&O Defrag 17 Product manual

O&O Defrag 17 
O&O ClusterInspector

With the O&O ClusterInspector, O&O Defrag gives you a convenient tool for checking how the hard disk is being used.

  • Access the O&O ClusterInspector by double-clicking on a block in the ClusterView. The O&O¬†ClusterInspector will then show you the files located on the block.
  • About 50 file entries will be displayed by default. To show the following files, click the arrows to control the currently selected hard disk section.
Start cluster Start of the currently displayed file section on the hard disk
Cluster number Specifies, how many clusters are used by this file in this block
Fragments Number of areas in which this file is divided. A fragment number higher than 1 means that the file is fragmented.
Size Specifies how much physical area space the file occupies on the data volume.
File Absolute path of the file

Tip: A cluster is the smallest allocation unit that the operating system uses for storing of files on a disk.

O&O ClusterInspector

O&O ClusterInspector