O&O Defrag 17 Product manual

O&O Defrag 17 
Create job – General

Create job - General

Enter the name of your job. This name will later be used for creating reports and will provide information about the action the job runs. The name of the job is only important for this purpose and it is possible to use this name for other jobs too.In the field Notes you may enter text that can provide a few details about the job.

Post-job task
Here you can optionally select an activity you want completed after defragmentation. If your system BIOS supports power management functions, you can get O&O Defrag to shut down or restart your system when the defragmentation is finished.

Shut down: the operating system will be shut down after the defragmentation job has been completed.

Restart and run Boot time defragmentation: The computer will be restarted after the defragmentation has finished, and will then run a boot time defragmentation.

Restart and shut down after boot time defragmentation: The boot time defragmentation can be executed after the restart. You can then leave your computer while it is being defragmented – It will shut down afterward automatically.

O&O Defrag: Create a new Job

O&O Defrag: Create a new Job