O&O DiskRecovery 10 Product manual

O&O DiskRecovery 10 
Quicker Scanning with O&O SmartScan

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A common problem that occurs with data recovery is that not only deleted files are recovered. You have to filter through those files that already exist on your system, while looking for deleted files.

With the one-of-a kind option O&O SmartScan you can hide existing files automatically so that only deleted files are looked for and restored. This can greatly accelerate the data recovery process, depending on the settings.

  • You enable/disable this option in the dialogue Advanced options for the search Additonal settings/Adapt settings/General. This option is set by default.

this option is only available, if you run a search through a partition. If you have selected a device (hard disk, USB Stick etc.), the option O&O SmartScan is not available.