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O&O SafeErase 14 
Safely delete data from solid state drives

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O&O SafeErase includes the feature SolidErase, which was developed especially for the deletion of SSDs. SolidErase uses resources sparingly and thoroughly so that the data is not recoverable and the SSD is exposed to the least possible strain.

The need for a custom developed feature for SSDs resulted from the different implementations of the manufacturers of functions such as TRIM, Sanitize and SecureErase. In addition, not all manufacturers and SSD controllers support the functions mentioned.

To offer you a reliable solution which can be used for most all manufacturers and models available, we have now developed our own feature "SolidErase" in O&O SafeErase, which deletes SSDs smoothly and safely.

There is no need to adjust or make further settings to use this function as O&O SafeErase recognizes SSDs automatically and selects the correct deletion method. SolidErase is based on our fast and effective method "Overwriting with Random Data", because here only one write operation is performed on the SSD, so it is not overburdened. This also guarantees that afterwards no data may be found or recovered.

If you have exclusively selected SSDs for deleting hard disks or partitions, the deletion methods options are deactivated because you no longer need them. SolidErase recognizes your SSD and chooses the correct deletion method automatically.
SafeErase data from Solid State Drives

Safely delete data from Solid State Drives