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O&O Defrag 24 
O&O Defrag and Firewalls

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At the start of O&O Defrag, my firewall notifies me of an attempted access. I receive the error "10061". Why does this happen and and how can I solve the problem?

The communication of the individual O&O Defrag program components (O&O Defrag Agent and user interface) is based on TCP/IP. This communication only runs inside your computer - without any access to the Internet or the network. Most firewalls, however, are programmed to recognize internal IP communication, so you receive a warning message.

You don't have to turn off your firewall! Simply open up port 50300. Since O&O Defrag automatically checks access permissions, there can be no external access over this port even if you are connected to the internet.

In most cases, it is enough to authorize O&O Defrag for exclusively internal communication when the software is started for the first time.

If this did not happen, however, including the files OODAG.EXE and OODCNT.EXE on your firewall’s list of trusted programs has also proven successful with all of the firewalls we have tested.

Please consult your firewall’s documentation for precise configuration procedures.