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O&O BuildPE 
About O&O BuildPE

With O&O BuildPE you can create a bootable medium for our products. Admin or Tech versions can be purchased from us for the product whose boot environment you need.

O&O BuildPE is a help program that assembles the boot environment with the products you want and prepares the computer for starting in the boot environment whenever needed. This can be necessary when, for example, Windows is unable to start because of a problem caused by malware or if you want to recover data successfully without overwriting disk sectors.

O&O BuildPE - Options

O&O BuildPE - Options

While the procedure for creating the boot medium is always the same, the content of the resulting bootable environment varies. The text below will provide a brief guide for using O&O BuildPE. If you need further information about the individual product being assembled, please consult that product’s help page on the O&O website.

We are happy to assist you with questions about the use of our products.

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