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O&O BuildPE 
About O&O BuildPE

O&O BuildPE makes it possible for you to create a start medium for one of our products. Admin and Tech licenses are available for all O&O products that can be started with a bootable medium.

O&O BuildPE is a utility program that assembles a boot environment for a product and, when needed, prepares a computer for starting in a bootable environment. This might be necessary whenever Windows is not booting up due to errors caused by defective software. To get your Windows back on track, you can run O&O DiskImage from the boot media, and restore the system partition to its original condition – this of course is only possible, if you have previously created an image.

Data recovery using the O&O DiskRecoveryis also suited to boot media, since the installation of a data recovery product might overwrite key areas of the hard disk, making a later data recovery impossible.

Startseite Einstellungen


While the procedure for creating the boot medium is always the same, the content of the resulting bootable environment varies. The text below will provide a brief guide for using O&O BuildPE. If you need further information about the individual product being assembled, please consult that product’s help page on the O&O website.

We are happy to assist you with questions about the use of our products.

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