O&O BlueCon 15 Product manual

O&O BlueCon 15 
General Terms and Definitions

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The O&O BlueCon bootable disk

O&O BlueCon can be run from a bootable disk (boot medium) that lets you use all the programs in O&O BlueCon without any previous installation.You won't need a running Windows installation to start O&O BlueCon from a bootable medium (CD/DVD or USB stick) nor does it need to be installed on the computer.

The O&O BlueCon bootable disk is based on Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment).


A drive is a reserved area of the hard disk. Multiple drives can be found on a hard disk. In the following text, the term “drive” will be used to depict (single) partitions as well as logical drives in extended partitions and volumes.

Drives are used, for example, to separate documents from programs. A division in two partitions has become generally

  • Drive C: for operating systems and programs
  • Drive D: for documents, e.g. photos, Office documents, music, etc.

This makes it easier to image data using data imaging products such as O&O DiskImage.