O&O BlueCon 15 Product manual

O&O BlueCon 15 
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O&O BlueCon is composed of powerful programs that provide a wide range of comprehensive functions:

  • Solid management of hard disks: O&O PartitionManager
  • Backup and restore data: O&O DiskImage Server Edition*
  • Secure deletion of all data traces: O&O SafeErase
  • Professional data restoration: O&O DiskRecovery
  • Find files and folders, permit activities such as copying and moving onto external disks: O&O FileExplorer
  • Enable or disable drivers and services: O&O DeviceManager
  • Check the structural and data integrity of drives: O&O CheckDisk
  • Restore a Windows XP system to a previous condition: O&O SRP Manager
  • List all logged events: O&O EventViewer
  • Access the Windows Registry database: O&O RegEditor
  • Manage local user accounts: O&O UserManager
  • Enter commands directly: O&O Prompt
  • Readout system parameters: O&O SystemInfo
  • Display and edit text files: O&O Notepad
  • Perform basic arithmetic and conversion between number systems: O&O Calc
  • System settings available for various functions such as network enabling or selection of operating systems.
  • Web-Browser FireFox®: Allows accessing the WWW**.
O&O DiskImage is included in certain licenses and Editions of O&O BlueCon.For questions concerning our licensing model, please contact the O&O Customer Center. We will be happy to help you further
You need to have access to a network in your LAN.